Tour Program

Day 1 -  Addis Ababa- City tour of Addis Ababa; National Museum, Trinity Church, Entoto Mountain and Mercato.

Day 2 & 3-  Addis Ababa Q Bahir Dar- Early flight to Bahir Dar (45’) and up on arrival 2h boat trip on Lake Tana to visit 16th and 17th century monasteries, Ura Kidane Meheret & Betre Maryam, on Zeghie Peninsula. The next day is free for family.

Day 4 - Bahir Dar - Gondar- In the morning drive to Gondar (3h) & in the afternoon City tour of Gondar ; Fasil Ghibi , Debre Berhan Selassie Church, Fasil Bath & etc.  

Day 5 - Gondar - Semien Park - Gondar - In the morning drive to Semien National park to visit the Semien Mountais and the endemic Chilada Baboon. Late in the afternoon drive back to Gondar for overnight.

Day 6 - Gondar - Aksum   - fly to Aksum and up on arrival visit historical sites of Aksum ; Stele Park, St. Mary Tsion church, Tomb of Kaleb and G/ Mesqel, Saba Palace, Ezana Inscription, museum and etc..

Day 7- Aksum - Lalibela- In the morning fly to Lalibela & upon arrival visit the 11 Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela.               

Day 8 - Lalibela - Addis Ababa- Fly back to Addis Ababa & upon arrival, according to the time, shopping. In the evening have dinner in one of the traditional restaurants of Addis.

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