Tour Program

Day 1 - Addis Ababa - City tour of Addis Ababa; National Museum, Trinity Church, Entoto Mountain and Mercato.         

Day 2 - Addis Ababa - Lalibela - In the morning fly to Lalibela (1h) & upon arrival visit the 11 Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela (UNESCO Registered).  

Day 3 - Lalibela - Mekele - Drive to Mekele (9h) enjoying the raged mountains and different regions.               

Day 4 - Mekele - Amedela- Drive to Denekil Depression via Agula to Amedela stopping to villages & caravans on the way.

Day 5 - Amedela - Dalol - Amedela- In the morning drive to Dalol to visit the colorful sulfurs lakes of Dalol and bit further to salt extraction by locals at Lake Abe. Late in the afternoon see the camel caravans around the camp.

Day 6 & 7 Amedela - Ert Ale - Mekele - Addis Ababa- Drive to Kursuad where we camp. By early evening walk up to 3 hours to Erta Ale Volcano & stay enjoying the night volcano view. On the second day early in the morning we go back to the camp for breakfast then depart to Mekele. In the evening fly back to Addis Ababa.

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