The culturally diverse, immaculately colorful and defiantly traditionalist agro-pastoralist that inhabit the region seem to occupy a physical and psychic land scape different from that of their nomadic ancestor. Omo Valley is undoubtedly one of the most unique places on earth because of the wide variety of people and animals that inhabit it. It is located in Africa’s Great Rift Valley. The region is known for its culture and diversity.

The tribes in the lower Omo Valley are believed to be among the most fascinating on the continent and even in the world. It is estimated that the Omo Valley is home to over 200,000 tribal people. Among the ancient African tribes that live in the southern part of Ethiopia, there is a wide variety of wildlife as well. The two main national parks, Omo and Magog, in Omo Valley are home for many wild animals including loins, elephants, hippopotamus and etc. The Omo River which runs through the valley and empties into Lake Turkana is the main water source for the tribes and their animals

After the earliest known discovery of Homo Sapien (Human) fossil fragments were found. The lower Omo Valley and Lake Turkana which is primarily located in Kenya have both been declared World Heritage sites UNESCO.